New Single: "End of the World"

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After writing and recording “Ring the Bells” with my friends Abner and Amanda from Johnnyswim, I got a taste of the big anthemic song, something that has not been a big part of my songwriting and performing over the years. But I knew it was in me. For a long time I had this line I wanted to put in a song, “Don’t eulogize on my behalf, I’m a long way from my epitaph,” but couldn’t find the home for it, musically. I went over to my good friend Sean McConnell’s house to write a song and we decided to resurrect that line and give it a big anthem. This is our take on the “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” for tomorrow you will die theme, except a big clarion call for community amidst the revelry, and a search for solidarity amidst the apocalyptic frenzy of the culture wars.

Recording this song was a blast. I sang like I’ve never sung before, and I am proud of the big bombastic sound we landed on. I can’t wait to sing this one on the road. It feels like a rock n roll hymn, even with a congregation call and response like all the good James Brown and Bruce Springsteen anthems. Throwing a party is sometimes the only way to fight off the darkness. It reminds us we are not dead yet and we aren’t alone. Take a listen here.

New Single: "Dragons"


Go slay all the dragons that stand in your way.

This song is a story about being visited by the ghost of my Grandfather. I grew up down the street from him. He was a giant of a man who loved well, worked hard, played harder, had a laugh as big as the night sky, and a heart of gold. I grew up five doors down the street from him and I'll never really understand all the things he taught me. As I’ve gotten older, the world seems more chaotic and more dangerous than it did to me as a kid. It’s a world full of tragedy and terror, unknowns and fears, and often we get dragged into the abyss of apathy or even despair. But we don’t have to stay there. In this song, my grandfather visits me in the wilderness to sing to me a hymn of courage, to take chances, throw off the shackles of the critics on the sidelines of life, bear witness to the to the truth and justice the world lacks, even though we don’t have a clue what tomorrow may bring.

This song is the heartbeat of this new album. I wrote it with my friend Zach Williams from The Lone Bellow last Fall. He too had a larger than life grandfather and we wanted to pay homage to the lives they lived and the lives they challenged us to live. Everyone has different dragons to fight every day, and we hope this song helps people have the courage to do so. Listen Here.