The New Album DRAGONS is available now!


"DRAGONS" is OUT TODAY! I love release day. It is Christmas for me, but instead of the kid, I feel like Santa Claus. This album, this music, these lyrics, these melodies, the design, the tour, the songs, the vinyl, the playlists have all been brewing for months, even a year for some of the songs. I am VERY proud of this album and have been overwhelmed this Summer as you have responded to the songs we already released like Dragons, Family, End of the World and now we get to give you the whole thing. I sincerely hope that this record finds a home in your ears and in your soul. Music has brought me immense joy in my life, and it is a privilege to have an audience who lets our music into their lives. Please continue spreading the word about the album and the Fall tour. Tell your friends, add us to your playlists, buy your tickets to the shows, order a vinyl for your vinyl loving friends, and most of all, TURN IT UP AND SING ALONG! I love you guys and am spending this morning full of gratitude for every one of you. Thank you. -Drew