New Single: "You Want What You Can't Have" Featuring Lori McKenna

DHN_You Want What You Cant Have_Single (1).jpg

I have never worked harder on songwriting than I have on this upcoming album. Usually, I write 15-20 songs in a 3-5 month period of time before recording a new album. Once I start recording, I don’t write very much between then and when it is time to make a new one. Of course, I collect ideas and keep things locked away, but actually sitting down to write, that has happened less and less over the years. But with this album, I decided to work all the time on songwriting. As soon as the Souvenir tour started, I started writing 2-3 days a week for over a year, and that included writing songs with other songwriters and artists friends.

Lori McKenna is a legend. She is a back to back Song of the Year Grammy winner for her songs “Humble and Kind” (recorded by Tim McGraw) and “Girl Crush” (recorded by Little Big Town). She is an award winning recording artist. She is a mother of five and a wonderful human being.

We became friends at Moon River in 2016 when she played in the Songwriter Pre- Festival VIP party with myself and Sean McConnell. She offered to write with me and I knew I would be a fool not to take her up on it.

Last Fall, during a slow touring season, I flew up to Boston where Lori lives with her husband Gene and their 5 kids. Their house is a warm hub of activity and reminded me of my home growing up. I was up there for 2-3 days and we wrote 3 songs together. This one is my favorite. We got to talking about how much social media reveals our insecurities, our jealousies, and no matter how successful people are, we all have to fight for contentment in a world of comparison, greed, and dissatisfaction. It is a heavy song in a big light melody and rhythm. Once we were in the studio, this is the last song that we recorded, late at night, when we thought we were already done. We weren’t sure this song was right for the record, but we recorded it in just a few takes and knew immediately it was perfect. Will, Rich, and Nathan brought this song to life for me in a way I had not imagined it during the writing process. That is one of the beautiful things about the studio. It can inject a whole new vision into a song in a way that surpasses the songwriter’s vision. Lori came by and lent her wonderful vocals to the song as well. I hope you enjoy this new song.

Listen now.