New Single: "End of the World"

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After writing and recording “Ring the Bells” with my friends Abner and Amanda from Johnnyswim, I got a taste of the big anthemic song, something that has not been a big part of my songwriting and performing over the years. But I knew it was in me. For a long time I had this line I wanted to put in a song, “Don’t eulogize on my behalf, I’m a long way from my epitaph,” but couldn’t find the home for it, musically. I went over to my good friend Sean McConnell’s house to write a song and we decided to resurrect that line and give it a big anthem. This is our take on the “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry” for tomorrow you will die theme, except a big clarion call for community amidst the revelry, and a search for solidarity amidst the apocalyptic frenzy of the culture wars.

Recording this song was a blast. I sang like I’ve never sung before, and I am proud of the big bombastic sound we landed on. I can’t wait to sing this one on the road. It feels like a rock n roll hymn, even with a congregation call and response like all the good James Brown and Bruce Springsteen anthems. Throwing a party is sometimes the only way to fight off the darkness. It reminds us we are not dead yet and we aren’t alone. Take a listen here.